NAtional Stock Exchange of Australia

Re-branding Australia’s second largest exchange.

The NSX approached us to update its brand to better presents its unique identity. Working with the existing logo-mark, we introduced a modern and fresh colour palette. Together with CEO Ann Bowering, we created a strategy focused on transparency and flexibility for the future.

Brand Identity
Experience Design
UI Design
Graphic Design


Primary palette includes financial blues but also warm tones and soft pastels. We used this colour combination to soften the corporate look. Which gives the brand flexibility to become more dynamic over time.

NSX – colour palette

Primary palette has fresh financial feel.

NSX – infographics palette

Infographics palette adds warmer tones.


We created a clean, digital feel using Gotham as the primary typeface. Gotham references architectural signage of the mid-twentieth century in its letterforms. This as a subtle nod to the NSX’s beginnings in 1937.

NSX – typography

All titles & text use Gotham

NSX – typography grid

We created a vertical grid based on 12px.

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